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The Epilogue (aka self indulgence)

To my friends (and family) and the rest of the 400+ readers I had at my high point:

Thanks for reading. I hope that I made the election a little more entertaining for you. As you should all know at this point, our new president elect is Barack Obama. He’s coming into this office with a lot of problems to face, but I have faith that he will have plenty of courage and fortitude to do everything in his power to right what’s wrong in our nation. All we need to do is show a little faith. I think we’re capable of that. 

I have truly enjoyed writing this blog. It may have stemmed from the frustration brought on by election coverage, but in the end self-expression allowed some breathing room and perspective. I encourage all of you to blog…just don’t be one of those shabby bloggers that pretends to know serious facts and is really just making them up. We all knew this site was a joke, and that’s what made it fun. 




Before I post today’s nominations, I want to take a minute to reflect on last night’s Obama rally. Did I get to see him? Kind of. Once. I think it was him.. But there were like 10,000 people in front of me, so maybe I was wrong. But the good news is that I saw him through the tilting view screen of my camera (thank you, Canon). And his half-hour speech was worth standing and waiting for 4.5 hours to see.

To give you a taste of what resonated with me, here are the quotes I wrote on my hand/arm last night.

  • “You don’t need to boo, you just need to vote!” (in response to the crowd booing a mention of John McCain.
  • “We want every single person to have opportunity”
  • “You have any idea what this guy stands for?” crowd: No! “Because he spends all his time talking about me!” my roommate: Because you’re hot!
  • “They haven’t served a red America or a blue America, they’ve served the United States of America!”

Seriously, I had tears in my eyes at points. I know he’s a politician and it’s his job to be smooth, but I can’t help hoping that at least 25% of the things he wants to accomplish in office will happen, because it would make the world a better place.

IMPORTANT! well, kinda…

Obama is going to be in the city of Columbia, Missouri tonight. If you haven’t already heard you clearly don’t live in CoMo. But it’s important because that is where I will be this evening, which means I might be too busy to actually post tomorrow with Halloween coming up. I’ll do my best, though. 

Until then, fight the good fight, lovers. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which one is good.