Before I post today’s nominations, I want to take a minute to reflect on last night’s Obama rally. Did I get to see him? Kind of. Once. I think it was him.. But there were like 10,000 people in front of me, so maybe I was wrong. But the good news is that I saw him through the tilting view screen of my camera (thank you, Canon). And his half-hour speech was worth standing and waiting for 4.5 hours to see.

To give you a taste of what resonated with me, here are the quotes I wrote on my hand/arm last night.

  • “You don’t need to boo, you just need to vote!” (in response to the crowd booing a mention of John McCain.
  • “We want every single person to have opportunity”
  • “You have any idea what this guy stands for?” crowd: No! “Because he spends all his time talking about me!” my roommate: Because you’re hot!
  • “They haven’t served a red America or a blue America, they’ve served the United States of America!”

Seriously, I had tears in my eyes at points. I know he’s a politician and it’s his job to be smooth, but I can’t help hoping that at least 25% of the things he wants to accomplish in office will happen, because it would make the world a better place.


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