M.I.A., Rudy, and Leo

39. M.I.A.

I wish that I could say you’d been living in a cave if you haven’t heard of M.I.A., but I can’t. The thing with so-called “world music” is that it’s never going to be very popular. M.I.A., however, has managed to make a small name for herself even here in America (she lives in England). I’m going to credit her slight popularity to her willingness to make very strong political statements with her songs. If you’re interested in hearing her music, I suggest you go ahead and check out her website. Her tunes may not be quite as catchy as ‘Womanizer,’ but check out the words in ‘Boyz.’ A pop princess would never write such a political statement. She’s clearly got a plan in mind for change, and I have to say that I can’t think of anyone more qualified as far as foreign culture experience goes, it won’t take much to make the leap to foreign policy. Also, might I point out that she has her own fashion line, which means that she’ll be MAKING money at clothing stores, not wasting it on clothes that will later be “donated to charity.”

38. Rudy Giuliani

I know, I know. 9/11. But the man has far more qualifications than the way that he dealt with New York’s greatest tragedy. That’s just what will win over the Republicans. I strongly feel that HIS experience as mayor has given him plenty of expertise that will help our nation overall. He had to deal with failing public schools, illegal immigrant problems, and gay rights. He went the right way (which would actually be the left way) on that last one. And let’s not forget that before he was even mayor, he showed Wall Street what was up as an attorney. I mean, if Wall Street is scared of anyone, it’s Rudy. One word from him and they’ll make the stock market spike upward immediately. Shhhhh…I can dream.

37. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo has come a long way from his past of screaming preteen girls from the early nineties. First of all, when you go to the man’s website, he has two sides: Leo the movie star and Leo’s environmental causes. He loves green things and hates global warming, but then he also manages to donate plenty of his moolah to the children as well. AND he’s planning on creating an eco-friendly resort on his island in Belize. If we’re nice and elect him president, maybe he’ll let us visit there without a passport. That’d be nice. Plus, as the 5th highest paid actor in Hollywood, he’s probably the one of the few people keeping our economy afloat. After he pays to save some more trees.


One response to “M.I.A., Rudy, and Leo

  1. How about Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Keith Olbermann?

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