A butterfly, a Fonda, and a nation

63. Julia Butterfly Hill

Ms. Hill founded the Circle of Life, which has now spread into the Engage Network. The Engage Network encourages strong and vibrant communities to promote environmental awareness. It operates through small, purpose-driven groups in the community. Perhaps if she could teach America how to work together, aside one another, it would give our economy a boost. Not to mention what would happen if she could convince the House and the Senate to work together. However, Hill is best known, however, for living in “Luna,” a redwood tree threatened by the Pacific Lumber Company, for 738 days. That is dedication. The Lumber Company agreed to save poor Luna, which shows that she can win a war in less than 7 years. Impressive, no? Best of all, the Red Hot Chili Peppers AND Neil Young have put her in their songs. That’s when you know you’re ready for presidency, when musicians use you as obscure references in their songs.

62. Jane Fonda

Yeah, I know that Jane’s quite the controversial lady, but you have to admit the woman knows how to make a name for herself.  Okay, so she may have used the “c” word on national television this year, and okay, she may have “supported” the Vietnamese rather than the American troops at some points during the Vietnam War. But let’s consider that she apologized for the complications that arose from her stunts, and that she was really simply trying to bring peace to Vietnam. She has also been a strong supporter of feminist causes, which is a lot more than can be said for wither McCain OR his running mate. And let’s not forget her 2001 conversion to Christianity. See? Something for everyone. Jane Fonda is just the woman to run this country. I mean, let’s just consider for a minute the idea that American’s are an overweight population. If she were elected president, our children might not be saying a pledge to the flag every morning, but I bet you they’d know the Jane Fonda’s Start Up video by heart. Children of all economic classes would soon be sporting the catch phrase, “go for the burn!”

61. Canada

That’s right, I think that our neighbors to the north would do a much better job at running the US than John McCain. Canada has long been the focus of American comedians, as shown in the film South Park. It’s been quite some time since a country has had a “colony,” but I feel like we’d be better off as the fifty colonies of Canada rather than ruled by John McCain. This way, everyone would have nationalized healthcare (which I realize isn’t the best choice, but it’s better than that joke of a plan McCain is suggesting) and they ARE our largest trading partners. We share pretty much everything with Canada, from military campaigns to Niagra Falls, so why not just share governments too?. Plus, they apologized for wronging the aboriginal people this year. Have we really officially apologized for much as a country? Not really. America could do with some humility every now and then, and I can’t think of anything more humiliating than belonging to Canada, the country we so often mock, for the next four years.


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